Best WWE SummerSlam Moments You Never Know

We've done some of these "best of" countdown as this feature began shortly before Wrestlemania 31 as the best highlights of RAW Smackdown, best war Monday night, the best WrestleManias 31 and 32, the best SummerSlam last year. ..

Wait a minute. Summerslam will come, right?

In fact, it is. So I guess now is as good a time as any to make a very important question:

What is the greatest moment ever SummerSlam 2016?

And yes, we are talking about the right ever. The whole story (not including this year. Obviously.). Here is the rest of the rules:

First, especially if you are late on cable, please use CTRL-F or COMMAND + F to find the time intended to designate before proposing. Recs only for the first appointment of a moment count. Repeat appointments Recs same time will not count.

Only moments that took place at Summerslam count. We talked about the current program, not yesterday, not the night after, not during this week. If it was not in the program, you are not eligible for the countdown.

No pre or post-show stuff either.

In addition, there must be a degree of evidence came time either an image or a GIF file or video will.

If time passes the smell test, we very well as follows: If Re: Nominate writing - your favorite time of Summerslam. Comment box: a peak, video, link to that video or photo, a brief description, SOMETHING. Do not be lazy. Really. Remember, not everyone watched the fight all the time you have.

See something you agree? Give it a rec is how counts down.
As always, it is normal not agree, that does not go well with the flame. Respect the rules of the house.

As an end post week, I'll give you every weekend for classification. Nominations close at midnight ET Sunday, with the countdown to go during the weekend Summerslam
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