Watch Pancho Francisco Boza Live Online In Rio Olympics 2016

Francisco 'Pancho' Boza and began its participation in Rio 2016. know how he does in his debut.

Pancho Boza in Rio 2016: Peru is ready to return to competition after a long break. He is in the third group.

In the first round, Pancho Boza managed to complete a good average for Peru 25. 22 shots. the second wave coming.

After twelve years of absence, the silver medalist in Los Angeles in 1984 Francisco 'Pancho' Boza returns to an Olympic event. His debut in Rio 2016 will be this Sunday at 7:30 a.m. (Peruvian time for America TV).
The Peruvian marksman glory goes to the Olympic Games in Brazil and its first step towards what could give a medal at the Olympic Shooting Centre of the carioca capital competing in the first qualifying of the pit Olympic mode.

Francisco Boza, who was the champion of the Peruvian delegation at the opening ceremony, is one of the candidates for the podium in the Olympic pit male of Rio 2016, and that comes from winning the gold medal at the 2015 Pan American Games.

The national shooter will face their second round games , the maximum national representative in Olympic events . Their hands gushed one of the four medals that owns the Peruvian delegation in the history of the Olympic Games

Sunday debut in groups, the 34 classified in the category of Olympic pit. Peru integrated group 3 .

Singh Sandhu (India ), David Kostelecky ( Czech Rep. ) , Mohamed Ramah (Morocco ) , Erdinc Kebapci (Turkey) and Abdulrahman Al Faihan ( Independent Olympic Athletes) are the first opponents of Pancho Boza.
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